Consul General Jin Zhijian

On August 30, Consul General Jin Zhijian met with Mayor Winton Dalley of Hurunui District, and exchanged views on further strengthening of exchanges and cooperation between China and Hurunui.

Mayor Dalley briefed on his recent visit to Changping District of Beijing and the official signing of sister-city relationship between Hurunui and Changping. Mayor Dalley expected to have substantive exchanges and cooperation in areas like education, trade, tourism and culture between the two districts.

Consul General Jin congratulated the establishment of sister-city relationship between Hurunui and Changping, spoke highly of the important role played by sister-city relationship to promote mutual understanding and pragmatic cooperation, and expressed that the Consulate General would provide whatever support to the future development of this relationship. Consul General Jin also offered concrete suggestions on how to make full use of the channel of sister-city relationship to conduct practical exchanges and cooperation.


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