Garden of Reflection

Nestled just of the Main Road that passes through the Township of Amberley is Chamberlain Park with a beautifully restored heritage cottage to mark the entrance of the public space.

Beyond the historic cob cottage is the Chinese influenced Garden of Reflection that represents many of connections the Hurunui District has with China, it acknowledges the rich historical past via Rewi Alley and the looks forward to the future with the two sister district relationships Changping District, Beijing and Honghu City, Hubei.

The Garden of Reflection is a tranquil place where people can reflect on the past and look forward to the future while observing the young at play and family group’s picnicking under the shade of the established trees.

The establishment of the Garden of reflection is genuinely a work of a true collaboration of people from both nations and their wider communities.

We invite you to take the time to understand the concepts behind the Garden of Reflection located in Chamberlain Park by reading the accompanying pages.


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