Mayor Winton Dalley

Ko ia kāhore nei i rapu, tē kitea ‘He who does not seek will not find.

When the Hurunui District took the step to explore developing a sister district relationship we were cautious and mindful of all the expectations that are placed on the leadership of both districts, by the people in the communities that they serve, and the first few years of any relationship is about seeking and finding out about each other to get a better understanding of both opportunities and challenges. It was a great honour and pleasure, that I lead a small focused delegation to Changping District Beijing in July 2016, each member chosen for the sector they represent within our community.

During this trip, we strengthened our bonds by a signing formal sister district agreement, the delegation met their counterparts face to face and we as a collective gained an appreciation of the diversity of our sister district, their culture and their people,

I have a strong belief that with both districts having vocalised the same commitment to this relationship. Overtime with proactive communication and engagement, we will have meaningful interaction in the areas of education, tourism, and agricultural exchanges that will benefit all involved in both districts and especially those who choose to participate and support it.


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